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This system is designed for all New SEOs, or those who've been around for a few years - you'll learn to apply an SEO system you call your own whether your in-house, agency side or work as an independent SEO consultant 


This is just a VERY small sampling of what's included, Plus, Downloadable templates, weekly 1:1 SEO coaching and some other real special one of a kind bonuses to help you grow your SEO career.

  • Module 1: Professional SEO

    The 3 types of SEOs, which one are you? Agency, in-house or Consultant? Learn about the SEO process each takes to get things done right..

  • Module 2: The SEO Process

    The "Main Course" in the course. Here you'll learn the "3 tiers", how to develop your strategy, and I'll even show you how to build your own SEO process for any size SEO program. Downloadable templates ready to use for tech audits, project management and site redesign.

  • Module 3: Launch Your SEO Program

    Find out how to avoid failing in your SEO program. Learn the key to your program's success, and how to communicate out to your client/company effectively from the start of the SEO program.

+BONUS: SEO Virtual Summit Interviews 

You'll have access to 10 leaders in the SEO industry, who share their advice on getting started in SEO, what you need to know right now, and so much more.  I've interviewed Executive SEOs, Agency Leaders, and even SEO technology experts.


There's many more men and women of SEO included in this expert list, here's just a short list of those experts you'll learn from. All have at least 10 years experience either on the agency side, in-house, or within SEO technology 

John Shehata

VP, Audience Development Strategy @ Conde Nast

John Shehata, Vice President of Audience Development Strategy at Condé Nast overseeing SEO, Social Media Strategy, Email Operations & Strategy and Organic Partnerships for 20 premium brands

Stephan Bajaio

Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder @ Conductor

Founded Conductor’s Professional Services team, growing it from 2 to 50+ global SEO experts in just 4 years. Today, he is Conductor’s Chief Evangelist, leading a team focused on strengthening and growing Conductor’s community 

Patrick Reinhart

VP, Digital Strategies @ Conductor

Patrick with over 15 years of organic search and digital marketing experience to his work. Before joining Conductor, Patrick led the U.S. organic search practice at New York-based agency Prime Visibility.

Jacob Stoops

Page2 Podcast Co-Host, SEO Programs Lead @ Search Discovery 

Senior SEO Manager at Search Discovery, former Director of Search Marketing at, as well as former Associate Director of SEO at Razorfish

Do You Know Why You Need an SEO Process?

Anyone can learn just about any SEO tactic in half a million different places, but no where is there anyone that teaches about SEO program management.....until NOW!


As someone who's been in the SEO industry for 16 years, I can honestly say, trying to manage any SEO program without a proven methodical process is very challenging, if not impossible. 


Do you find yourself asking...."I just started this SEO project, what should I tackle first.?" 




"Do you dive into a site audit and forget to plan the tasks out before kickoff?"


Maybe you've been asking your agency lead... "Where can I learn the process for SEO"?


This is exactly why I developed this system - to help SEOs like you, both new and experienced, all find your own unique process that will help you become even more successful as you grow within your careers. 


It all started with this Facebook post..... 


Janet has been living and breathing SEO for the last 16 years - Agency side, In-house, and as a consultant. She established Accenture’s SEO program methodology for clients like Fiat, Verizon, Bank of Montreal, StubHub and many others. Building SEO programs for those brands from the ground up. 


Today, Janet continues to consult, mentor & coach through her love of sharing, educating and working with SEO professionals all over the world, teaching them how to improve their SEO skills through workshops and one on one training.  

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